Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Americans than Ever are Against Abortion

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Thank God more Americans all the time are finding out that Abortion really is murder and are coming out against it. Especially younger people...
It is just crazy~Insane that the Supreme Court has to use the same old EVIL tacktic to keep Abortion legal that they did years ago, back in March 1857 with the Dred Scott Decision, when they said Black people were NOT U.S. Citizens, so they could be owned property with no personal rights... Well now once again, the Supreme Court, just as they did back then, since January 1973 say an unborn baby is NOT A HUMAN Being, it's just a blob of Fetus. I'm sorry but that is just stupid to believe such a thing...
Again even more so, it is crazy~insane for any modern day, intelligent, caring and loving Human Being to believe this old - in the dark ages, lack of logical thinking tacktic is ok again, why, just so they can justify commiting this horrid EVIL!!!
Lets keep it up spreading the word of TRUTH, it's working, GOD will Bless YOU for it...
Check out Live Action, it's a great organization for learning the truth, with videos:
From Live Action on Facebook... Is glad that less people are choosing abortion as the rate of abortions/live-births has declined from 29.7% in 1980 to 22.6% in 2005. Still more work to do in supporting women and educating our world.
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