Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama Extermination Plans for U.S.citizen during martial law.

Amazing how when you put together all of the pieces of the puzzle of what all and who all has formed Obama and his Ideology. You can then very clearly see where he came from and why and where he is leading this country. After seeing and hearing it all, right from his own mouth, his own books & other writings, his own actions and what all he has done so far and is doing right now. After you see the books and people he has before and now follows, the people that have taught him, the church he attended for 20 years, the things his own wife has said and done and all of the people he has appointed into the White House and where they all came from and their own Ideologies. Aftrer doing all of that there is no way you can say he is not a socialist or marxist and very well leaning communistic in his Ideology...
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