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When & Why did the Republican's lose Black Americans

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I have recently been trying to find exactly when it was that the Democrat Party had stolen the Civil Rights issue from under what was always fought for and won by the Republican Party. I knew that even way before President Lincoln that the Republican Party had been constantly fighting for Black Americans freedoms and equal rights.

I finally decided to start digging for the truth, because it hurts me tremendously after learning myself several years ago that the Republicans were truly the party for the Black American Family, and that the Democrat Party fought just as hard if not harder against the Black Americans, what, how and why the Black Americans would then al of a sudden completely turn their backs on The Republicans and fall in with the Democrats. I just can not figure out why.

I used to be a Democrat as was most of my family. But when I began to open my eyes and mind to the truth. I saw that the Democrat Party in so many areas and ways go very much against what God’s word teaches us, so I switched to the Republican Party Back in 1980 and voted for Reagan.

Well I just started looking at all of the Democrat and Republican Platforms from the late 1800’s to the early 70’s and boy what very interesting documents to read now. You have to check it out it’s amazing

Here is the site to see all of them, so check it out.

Here is one that I found so fantastic; it’s the Republican Party Platform of 1964. Do read this you will love it.
It really makes you wonder what it would be like now if the Republican’s were able to win and accomplish everything they committed to back then.
I found this, it’s when the Republican Party started and why…
The Republican Party, one of the two main U.S. political parties favoring a right-wing stance, limited central government, and tough, interventionist foreign policy. It was formed in 1854 in support of the anti-slavery movement preceding the
Civil War.)
If anyone can give me any other facts on this subject please let me know at my blog

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