Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Separation Of Church and State??? Yes what is it exactly???

You know this one thing right here, is probably the most destructive LIE that our Nation has ever been laid on her. I believe it is the most important thing that we get strait and demand that the TRUTH be put back in place. David Limbaugh put this very well. I think we all need to pass it along…
The Supreme Court has primarily mucked up the law in this area (Establishment Clause). The 9th Circuit is even worse, but without the original activism of the Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit would have had nothing to hang its hat on in the Newdow case. If the Court had, through the years, construed the Establishment Clause in accordance with the original understanding of the Framers, these pledge cases -- and similar cases -- would never have gotten off the ground. The Establishment Clause was designed to prohibit the Establishment of a national religion or a national church. It was not intended to erect a "wall of separation" between church and state, nor prohibit all endorsements of religion by the federal government. And it was emphatically not intended to force government to be neutral between theism and atheism. One may believe, as a policy matter, that a government-supported school should not favor one religion over another or one Christian denomination over others. But policy preferences are a separate issue from what the Constitution requires or forbids. Like it or not, the Constitution, rightly interpreted, allows the federal government (and the states) to "encourage" the Christian religion. As Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story (1779-1845) wrote, "Probably, at the time of the adoption of the Constitution รข€¦ the general, if not the universal, sentiment in America was, that Christianity ought to receive encouragement from the State, so far as such encouragement was not incompatible with the private rights of conscience, and the freedom of religious worship." From the beginning of our constitutional history, the government has honored the God of the Bible, from congressional chaplains, to national days of prayer, to opening prayers in the Supreme Court, to Congress's authorization in 1800 -- when the seat of government moved to Washington, D.C. -- for the Capitol building also to serve as a church building. The Establishment Clause, like the Free Exercise Clause, was supposed to guarantee, not restrict religious freedom. But the Supreme Court, in its activist distortions, has largely turned the clause into a weapon against religion liberties, and lower courts have followed suit, and worse.

My 2 cents;
Let’s keep spreading the truth of how and why our Nation was founded…

Pray that everyone in the land will know the love of God over our Nation…

We all need to work overtime for TRUTH… It has to come back into the light and the light over come the darkness that has been overshadowing our Country for way too long now… This Government is stepping way over the boundaries that our founders put into the Constitution to protect US and our Families. What are we doing??? They are taking over banks, spending our money, more in the next 10 years than has been spent in our whole Nation’s history from it’s founding… We have got to all stand together as Americans and forget about Democrat or Republican because both of these parties are doing extreme damage to us and our families, look how many of them have not paid or cheated on their own taxes, it’s disgraceful

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